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Kanela Booker
Yoga Instructor

As a nurse, and after many years of putting the needs of others above my own, I found myself approaching burnout. I rarely took time for self-care and my "cup" was nearly empty from pouring our energy to others without investing energy into myself. This led me to yoga. With a strong desire to find independent happiness, love myself and grow closer to God, I began a consistent yoga practice in 2008. With my own special message in mind, I decided to become a yoga instructor and completed 200-hour yoga teacher training at Pink Lotus yoga studio in July, 2015. The message that I speak through yoga stems from my own experience and focuses on personal empowerment, self-worth, surrendering to God and living in strong faith and will. I am passionate about demystifying yoga and increasing its accessibility to urban and underserved populations.

Portrait of The Link nurse, Kanela Booker