Sports Rehabilitation

Whether you are the everyday athlete, collegiate, professional, or just that dad looking to get a step up on his son, we are here to serve your every rehabilitation need. It is our goal to help athletes of all ages and abilities get back to doing what they love-but even better than before.

What is it?

Sports Rehabilitation includes a multi-disciplinary approach involving physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, personal trainers, and massage therapists in the treatment of athletic injuries sustained from sports participation. It is a specialized practice that focuses on prevention, evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation, and performance enhancement of the physically-active individual. Upon evaluation we design a program specific to that individual needs.

Who can benefit from Sports Rehabilitation?

Sports rehab is not just for athletes but for any individual with a musculoskeletal issue who would like to return to physical activity. This includes persons who have undergone joint replacement/reconstruction surgery or those who have sports or work related overuse injuries such as carpal tunnel, runner’s knee, jumper’s knee, golfer’s elbow, and tennis elbow.

Post-operative rehabilitation is one of our specialties. We are The Link to recovery following such surgeries as but not limited to ligament/tendon repair, knee tears, foot/ankle surgery, fracture repair, shoulder repair, shoulder, hip and knee replacement, and spinal surgery.


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We also treat those conditions that do not require operative repair. Athletes are often plagued by neck pain, back pain, arthritis, muscle strains and tears, joint sprains, bursitis, tendinitis, foot/ankle dysfunction, shoulder, hip and knee injuries. Our goal is to help individuals regain optimal performance level and avoid surgery if possible.

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